Complaints Procedure

  1. Complaints should be treated seriously and investigated.
  2. Complaints should be resolved as quickly as reasonably practical given the volunteer nature of the organisation.
  3. Anyone involved in a complaint (either as the person being complained about, or the person making the complaint) should be given the opportunity to state their case.
  4. Written records of all actions, including details of the investigation carried out, should be kept and copied to one or more of BCA Executive.
  5. Any complaint of a potentially criminal nature should bypass the process below and be immediately passed onto the Police. One or more members of BCA Executive shall also be informed as soon as possible. All responsibility for BCA's response will then rest with them.

Stage 1 (Informal Complaint) Initially an informal complaint should be made to an appropriate person in BCA, such as the relevant Officer or, if the complainant is unwilling, or unable to approach that person, then with one of BCA Executive. The emphasis at this stage is on dealing with the complaint as efficiently and informally as possible.

Stage 2 (Formal Written Complaint) If the complaint cannot be dealt with satisfactorily at Stage 1, then a formal complaint should be made in writing to the appropriate person in BCA. This will normally be acknowledged in writing within 14 days and the recipient should immediately inform one or more of BCA Executive of the complaint and their intended course of action. In most situations it is anticipated that the complainant will receive a formal written response within 3 weeks of initially making the complaint.

Stage 3 (BCA Council) Should the complainant be unsatisfied with the outcome of Stage 2, then they should write to the Secretary explaining their complaint. The Secretary will normally acknowledge receipt within 14 days, and include an invitation to attend the next Council Meeting, where the complaint will be discussed. If the complainant is unable to attend, they can opt to have the complaint considered in their absence, or for discussion to be postponed until the next Council Meeting. It will normally be expected that complainants will present their complaint within this timescale, or else their complaint will be rejected. Following the Council Meeting the Secretary will normally write within 14 days to formally advise of Council’s decision and the mechanism for appealing.

Stage 4 (Appeal to Appeals Panel) If the complainant is unsatisfied with the outcome of Stage 3, then they have the right to appeal to an Appeals Panel. The Appeals Panel will be convened by a Chair, who will have been appointed by BCA Executive prior to the Council Meeting at stage 3. The Chair will normally acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 14 days, and will seek to arrange a mutually convenient date for the Appeals Panel. The Panel will normally consist of people chosen by the Chair from nominations from the Regional Councils and Constituent Bodies. The Chair will then normally write within 14 days of the Appeals Panel to formally advise of the Panel’s decision.

Formally adopted at 2012 AGM. Last review: 11/06/12

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