Policies & Statements

BCA Policy is used to guide BCA in all its operations and, as such, is very important. Any new policy or changes to existing policy must, therefore, be ratified by the AGM, and only then following extensive consultation to ensure that the planned policy does not conflict with the complex layers of BCA's work.

The following is a suggested process that will help ensure successful Policy development:

  1. Definition of Purpose: A clear definition of the purpose of the change, agreed by Council.
  2. Responsible Author: A single named author should be appointed by Council, whose job it will be to consult as widely as possible.
  3. Draft prepared by Author:
  4. Draft Circulated: The Draft should be circulated as widely as possible, initially to BCA Executive, and then to all Council, Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, Standing Committees and Working Groups with date for reply. This will usually be at least 6 weeks later.
  5. Further Drafts circulated as appropriate: This should follow the process above.
  6. Ratification at Council: The full document should be sent to the Secretary - and then circulated as for Draft Minutes at least 2 weeks prior to the Council meeting, and ideally more, to allow consultation.
  7. Ratification at AGM:

Formally adopted at 2012 AGM. Last review: 11/06/12

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