Representatives are vital to the smooth running of BCA. They help ensure the interests of all Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils and Committees are accommodated. However the role can be very demanding, particularly when immediate spur-of-the-moment decisions are requested at meetings. Therefore the following principles should apply to Representatives:

  1. A Representative is empowered to agree matters on behalf of the Body they represent, unless instructed specifically to the contrary by that Body.
  2. However a Representative can also say that they do not feel able to express the view of the Body they represent. In this case, if at all possible they should be given a chance to refer the matter back to their Body for clarification.
  3. In view of the delays resulting from a referral back, it is sensible to avoid the need for this by effective communication in advance. Therefore prior warning of potential areas of discussion and decisions that will need to be made, should be given if at all possible. Written Reports and the distribution of draft documents and Minutes all help in this regard. The onus here is on the Officer, Committee, Constituent Body or Regional Council requesting the decision.

Formally adopted at 2012 AGM. Last review: 11/06/12

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