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-**Vision Working Group** 
-**Convenor**:​ Hellie Adams 
-**Reports to**: Council & Annual General Meetings 
-**Terms of Reference**: ​ 
-The vision group'​s remit is to engage in long term planning for the BCA and to articulate a vision for the future of BCA including but not limited to the following topics: 
-• Structural changes to the BCA and its operation 
-• BCA'​s relationship with other associated bodies 
-• Role of the BCA as NGB for caving 
-• Aims and guiding principles of the BCA 
-• Inclusivity and diversity in the BCA 
-• Challenges for the BCA 
-• Future funding and expenditure of BCA 
-**Standard Operating Procedures** ​ 
-The Vision working group aims to hold one meeting per quarter at least one month before each BCA Council meeting. Membership consists of the convenor and other interested parties approved by the convenor. Meetings are briefly minuted together with an action log for group members. The Vision group reports to BCA council and to the BCA AGM. 
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