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About BCA

Welcome to the BCA Manual of Operations.

This is a working document detailing BCA's standard operating procedures. Please feel free to browse.

Minor amendments, to keep the document up to date, should be made regularly. More substantive changes that affect how BCA runs, should gain approval of BCA Council before being made.

BCA is the Governing Body for Underground Exploration in the United Kingdom.

Membership is composed of Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, Groups & Individuals.

Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils have their own Constitutions and run their own affairs. They carry out certain functions on behalf of BCA and are entitled to send a representative to Council, and all of Council's Standing Committees. They do not pay a fee to BCA. The BCA website has a full list of Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils.

Group and Individual Members join annually and pay a membership fee. This is dealt with by BCA's Membership Administrator. They are represented at Council by four Individual Member representatives and four Club Representatives.

BCA's Constitution was last amended in Summer 2010 after a postal vote of the membership, following amendments agreed by the 2010 Annual General Meeting.

For historical interest copies of the Ballot papers are available: Group Ballot (Word), Group Ballot (Pdf), Individual Ballot (Word), Individual Ballot (Pdf)

Notes on conducting a Postal Ballot

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