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-====== ​Introduction ​====== +====== ​Welcome ​====== 
-\\ + 
-BCA Web Services aim to provide cheap web hosting for our members with the features ​that they need.+Welcome to the [[http://​british-caving.org.uk|BCA]] Manual of Operations. (For the BCRA Manual of Ops, [[bcra:​start|click here]] 
 +This is a working document detailing BCA's standard operating procedures. Please feel free to browse. 
 +Minor amendments, to keep the document up to date, should be made regularly.  
 +More substantive changes ​that affect how BCA runs, must gain approval of BCA Council, and subsequently the AGM, before being madeIf you are in any doubt as to the type of change you wish to make, please contact the Secretary BEFORE making the change. 
-Currently we are in the process of moving to a new virtual server with a new Internet Host.  
-With the new server we can offer more services in the basic price. That includes a database, spam filtering, statistics, passworded areas and more. See [[Pricing]] for further information. 
-If you are currently hosting with us we will be contacting you shortly with details of the server [[Transfer]]. 
-Once you have been swapped see the [[Information]] page for logon details on the new server. 
-\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
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