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BCA Finances are organised by the Treasurer.

The BCA has a Finance Committee:


Finance Committee consists of the BCA Treasurer and the Treasurers of the five Regional Councils.


BCA Treasurer is the Chair and convenor; however any member can call a meeting,


Can be in person or electronic, Skype or equivalent being effective due to geographical spread of the committee

Role within BCA:

Finance Committee review each region's claim for retrospective funding by BCA and passes each claim before payment.

They also undertake other tasks as requested by BCA Council or AGM.

Finance committee also review BCA’s annual accounts before presentation to the BCA AGM.

BCA Website:

The BCA Treasurer is responsible for any Committee meeting minutes to be posted onto the BCA website.

The Regional Council treasurers are responsible for maintaining the link to their most recent set of approved accounts between the BCA website and the regional websites.

The BCA Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the BCA approved annual accounts are available on the BCA website.

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