Youth Development

Youth Development Committee

Convenor: Rostam Namaghi (due for re-election in June 2020)

Membership: Representatives from each of the Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils plus other co-opted individuals (include list).

Meetings: Meets as required, usually prior to Council Meetings, arranged by Convenor.

Reports to: Quarterly at BCA Council, and annually at Annual General Meeting.

Terms of Reference: To work to represent the interests of all young cavers, including both student cavers, and those under the age of 18 (such as those in scout teams). The aims of the committee will include (but are not limited to): assisting the formation of new university clubs and scout caving teams; improving access for under 18s; liaising with university unions and guilds; and generally improving the lot of younger cavers.

Standard Operating Procedures: to be completed

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